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Castlegar N.S. is open for seventy years. Classes are taught from junior infants to sixth class. It has a pitch for hurling, soccer, football etc. It has a court where we can play basketball .It has a wall-ball to enhance hurling and football skills.
We have two shelters and a lot of grass!!
We have eight teachers including part-time teachers. We have a part-time secretary and caretaker and a fulltime cleaner.
There are eighty three pupils in our school.
On Tuesday nights every week there is a music club. There, we learn how to play the guitar, keyboard, drums, percussion and singing.

Our hurling coach Tom takes our hurlers out for practice twice a week
We take part in all school hurling competitions including mini 7s and Go games.
We have Tag-Rugby and we will be taking part in The Tag Rugby World cup extravaganza later on in the year.

We enter FAI school soccer competition “EA Sports” cup.
We have been sailing in Topaz dinghies on Lough Atália. We have a school chess team.

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