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Fifth and Sixth class are working very hard to earn the Blue Star Flag

There are four categories that the school is participating in:

1. Historical

2. Geographical.

3. Creative and cultural

4. Institutional and Learning

Here are some of the projects that we will be working on ….


For the historical section of the Blue Star Programme, we will be exploring the Holocaust and paying a particular focus on the life of Anne Frank. This will enable us to integrate literacy into our project through the use of the book “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

We will carry out a class project on Anne Frank  and it will be presented in both slideshow and hardcopy form on a display board.


The geographical section of our project will include the creation of a booklet. The booklet will consist of  a variety of factfiles of other EU countries. Each factfile will include:

  • Capital City
  • Populations
  • Famous monuments
  • Rivers, Mountains and Lakes

The children will then carry out individual oral reports on a chosen country,  which they will then present to the class.

Cultural and Creative

We will learn the EU Anthem and sing it with a number of instruments that come from a variety of EU countries.

Secondly, we will invite a number of visitors from different EU countries into our school to speak to us about life in their particular country.

A number of questions will be prepared for them when they arrive. The classroom will also be designed with  flags from the particular countries for their arrival.

We will also have some French language classes with Ms Winston.

Institutional and Learning

For this particular section we will be creating a questionnaire for a local MEP and inviting them into our school to speak with us about the role of the European Parliament and the European Commission which we will have previously explore in class.

Europe Day Celebrations

Our school will hold an EU day where the children will have devised a variety of work station activities. We will have eight activities set up in the classroom. The following activities will be in the various stations:

  • Languages

(Can you match the language and the country?)

  • Culture
  • Food
  • Flags
  • Famous Monuments
  • Rivers,Lakes and Mountains
  • Capitals etc.

A game of “Who wants to be a millionaire” will be carried out and there will prizes for the winner.